How did you like your internship at IVY? And how would you describe their company culture?

There is a lot of work-life balance! You get in about 9:30-10 am and get to leave anywhere between 3-5 pm based on who you are working with. I only worked Monday-Wednesday each week.
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What prerequisites should I have if I want to apply to be an event planner intern at IVY?

Based on my experience, I think the most important skills needed to succeed as an Events Planning Intern are being organized and flexible. Being organized means that you know your calendar and what you need to do to prepare for upcoming events, are always prepared for those events, and are even a...
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I just got a job offer to be an event planning intern at IVY! If you've ever worked in this position, I'm curious to know how much work-life balance you had.

A good work-life balance is definitely possible as an Events Planning Intern at IVY! When I was an intern, my main job was to help the Senior Events Coordinator plan and execute events, and since I worked almost exclusively with her, we would sit down together every two weeks and plan out when I ...
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What's the best way to impress an IVY recruiter?

Ask a lot of questions and do your research about the company before hand, be engaged in the conversation, they love outgoing people!
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I just saw a job posting for a recruiting intern at IVY. What exactly does this position entail, does anyone here know?

Use IVY's applicant tracking system, Greenhouse, to schedule interviews, manage job postings, and send out emails. Use LinkedIn and angellist to source candidates. Research local and tri state area schools about attending career fairs and budgets.
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If I want to apply to be a marketing intern at IVY, what competences do I need to have?

Willingness to learn, autonomous/entrepreneurial spirit, social media savviness, great writing skills, creativity, good grammar/ability to edit, experience publishing things on Wordpress is a plus!
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