About iXperience

Founded in 2014, iXperience builds and delivers cutting-edge career bootcamp programs to university students in the summer. With 3500+ alumni and growing, our mission is to accelerate our students' careers and unlock substantial professional growth through our personalized programs.

What makes iX unique to other providers is the approach we have to education. We believe learning can only happen when you apply your skills in real-world, collaborative environments. Every iX Summer program combines expert-taught bootcamp courses with a curated internship at a global company. An iX student transitions from their initial bootcamp course into the internship with ongoing support and coaching by their instructor and teaching assistants.

iX's bootcamp courses and internship programs are updated every year to remain relevant to the current working world and include options in Data Science & AI, Software Engineering, Management Consulting, and Investment Finance. For the internship, we have close partnerships with over 200 firms across America, Europe, and Africa. After the bootcamp course, students are placed in a company depending on their interests and career goals. Internship options range from small startups to large global firms.

Although proudly accredited by industry instead of academia, iXperience has been formally recognized by some of the world's top universities, including the University of Virginia, Duke University, USF, and Bar Ilan University. Because the programs are not graded, we can keep our curricula up-to-date and ensure we hire the best industry experts available to deliver the programs. Students can also add on professional coaching packages to their program and take their experience to the next level.

We measure the effectiveness of our education based on the success of our students after they complete an iX program, and the level of confidence each student feels in taking that next important career step. To date, more than 30% of all iX graduates are working at Fortune 500 companies, and our research shows iX students earn 17% higher starting salaries than their peers. Our vision is to build a lifelong "learn and earn" education ecosystem under the iXperience brand, whereby all alumni can continue to take carry-on programs as they move through various inflection points in their lives, as well as earn money back from iX by teaching, coaching others, or contributing in other ways.


Management Consulting Intern

May 2022 - July 2022 Cape Town, Western Cape
“The program structure was an incredible introduction to Consulting. First, the two-week class (taught by Byron, ex-McKinsey exec who is brilliant) ran through the basics of consulting all the way from the very bottom into high-level problem-solving frameworks and excel modeling. Then, on my internship I got to work for an awesome start-up corporate wellness firm, doing a ton of strategy and market research that had a real, tangible impact on the business. Plus, Cape Town is just the coolest place ever!”

Business Analyst

June 2019 - August 2019 Cape Town, Western Cape
“Learning business in an abroad setting ”
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