Founded by Jessica Bierman in May 2020, JBIER Inc., parent of JBIER Boutique and the JBIER Fashion Internship Program, is a rapidly expanding start-up based in New York. The business specializes in marketing, merchandising, career mentorship, and the sale of various fashion, beauty, home, and lifestyle consumer goods. Today, JBIER has grown to encompass followers through a worldwide community, selling one-of-a-kind pieces, and offering personalized shopping experiences to all. Through brand partnerships, strategic sourcing, and original creative illustrations, the products represent a combination of women and men's fashion, in-house designed merchandise, as well as unique resale finds.

At JBIER, resale is at the heart of our business. It is our mission to keep sustainability top of mind throughout our business operations and we take pride in fueling the intersection between traditional e-commerce and the virtual resale landscape. We believe that sustainable fashion is a key step to an environmentally friendly future and are actively mitigating our ecological footprint in our efforts to reduce fashion waste. That said, JBIER is excited to support the sustainability movement through the launch of our resale marketplace on and the continued expansion of our Poshmark platform @jbier.

JBIER’s “Strategy for Success” is simple: invest in our people, ensure the highest quality products, stay on top of industry trends, and provide top-of-the-line customer service. We seek to empower women and men around the world while bringing disruptive change to the fashion industry. JBIER’s slogan, “We Are All Angels,” is the foundation of our mission to bring people an inclusive platform to express their diversity, and self-expression through fashion.

We are actively recruiting students for the JBIER Fashion Internship Program. There are currently four internship positions available, all of which are remote and eligible for college credit. We are looking for students to fill the following roles:

- Web Design and Digital Media Intern
- Fashion Merchandising and Product Management Intern
- Project Management Intern
- Social Media Marketing Intern


Creative Writing Project Management Intern

April 2022 - September 2022 East Lansing, MI
“Jess was so kind and welcoming! Plus, extremely accommodating to letting interns choose what they wanted to do and pursue different roles. Working here has allowed me to try out a bunch of different types of work which has been so great and important to developing new skills! ”

Fashion Merchandising And Product Management

February 2022 Kent, OH
“I loved how welcoming and inviting everyone on the team was. Although I am just starting out and learning the ropes, I am confident that in a short amount of time I will be confident and excel in this internship role.”
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