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Latina Republic is a reporting, research, and advocacy, nonprofit organization advancing human rights in the Americas. Latina Republic fills the void in coverage of urgent social, political, environmental, economic and gender inequities affecting the Americas. Latina Republic’s mission is to inspire humane policies that fortify relations between the U.S. and Latin America. Our work is guided by peaceful international relations focused on solidarity.

We believe asylum and seeking refuge is a human right. Our work envisions a world where neighboring countries are seen as partners, and immigrants and refugees don’t have to live in the shadows. Our goal is to advance peaceful dialogue by highlighting local perspectives that don’t make it into the mainstream news. Our vision is that this knowledge will assist all stakeholders in solving regional problems.

Latina Republic was founded in Southern California in 2015 and formalized its status as a 501C3 Nonprofit Organization in 2019, to provide unique Latin American news that spotlight local Latin American’s working to improve their societies, and whose stories receive little to no coverage in mainstream news. At its core, Latina Republic set out to show a different side of Latin America.

We investigate, report and conduct original interviews with leaders, community members and government officials across Latin America and the Caribbean. We publish untold stories, highlighting the uniqueness of each country in the region, and generating global knowledge of the Latin American experience. To celebrate Latin America, we do more than report on problems.

We are interested in reporting how locals are solving them. Latina Republic contributes new narratives of Latin America. Ones that highlight contributions, heritage, history and innovation and integrate local solutions to the betterment of the region. Latina Republic’s digital platforms have national and international reach. We include coverage of immigration topics of interest to immigrants in the United States and conduct research and policy analysis.

Over the last three years, we have provided international and domestic support for immigrants, refugees and Latin Americans. We care deeply about the farm worker and immigrant community. During the pandemic we launched the Adelante program bringing tutoring support, self-esteem lessons and enrichment to the children of farm workers and front line workers. We offered Spanish lessons to farmworkers in the field by mobilizing an army of volunteers to serve communities in need.

We also partnered with nonprofit organizations in Central America, a region that is home for many migrants whose life circumstances force them to migrate to the United States. Our support included Asogen, a women’s shelter for indigenous women in Guatemala; Fussdim, a disability rights organization in El Salvador, and support for seniors in a community of fisherman and women in the islands off the coast of El Salvador. We provided disaster relief during devastating storms. We also partnered with a school of coffee growers in Guatemala providing food support for the families.

Latina Republic fosters civic engagement through tailored internships. As a volunteer connector organization, Latina Republic recruits and trains university students and recent graduates who intern with us to develop skills as global citizens, Immigration Advocates, Latin American Correspondents, Environmental Justice Reporters and Policy Analysts. We engage university students and recent graduates through training and mentoring on reporting, advocacy, research and analysis highlighting immigration in the U.S. and Latin American challenges and victories through unique internships.

Our internships provide a space for visionary leaders to develop their skills and content knowledge on the most pressing social problems affecting immigrants and refugees and Latin American challenges that drive migration. Through our reporting we bring visibility to little known problems in the US and Latin America as we train the next generation of leaders in the U.S.


Immigration Writer

June 2020 - August 2020 Mission Viejo, CA
“I loved being able to craft articles with one-on-one support from the Latina Republic executive director. It was also great to connect remotely with college students across the US and learn a ton from each other's pieces.”
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