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About Leadership Greater Huntsville

Our Leadership Greater Huntsville programs provide access to community leaders and organizations while discussing topics as they relate to the community. Classes include site visits, behind-the-scenes tours, and interactive Program Days that provide participants with a better understanding of our greater community and develop an appreciation of community resources ultimately resulting in engagement.

In addition, participants discuss servant-leadership principles and apply those theories in community-wide impact projects during their program year. Topics and themes on program days include but are not limited to: Economic Base, Judicial/Law Enforcement, Local, State and Federal Governments, Alabama History and Growth, Simulated Society, Health & Human Services, Education, Innovation, Diversity & Inclusion, and Quality of Life.

Sessions expose participants to a variety of perspectives, illustrating the broad array of economic, political, educational and social factors at work on all community levels. Established community leaders coordinate each program and help class participants become more educated and more prepared for service to our community.

Spark is our new one-week program is designed for college students who are emerging leaders that are passionate about community and want to learn how to make a difference. Spark is a deep dive into our community over five days where class members will learn about current developments in our area as well as some of the challenges our city is facing. This program is FREE for college students!


Community development

August 2021 - August 2021 Huntsville, AL
“I loved learning about this in my surrounding areas that I had no idea about. ”
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