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In operation for over 10 years, LeafWing Center offers a collection of professionals in the field of applied behavior analysis providing concentrated interventions for children on the autism spectrum. Most of us are Board Certified Behavior Analysts and therapists, and all of us are committed to helping children and families. Learn more about Applied Behavior Analysis

At present, we are a California Department of Education Nonpublic Agency, which allows us to provide services for children with autism in the public school setting. We are also vendored with several of the regional centers in California so we can provide home and community based services for individuals on the autism spectrum as well.

We are now a TriCare provider for military families with children with autism spectrum disorder.

Although our main offices are located in Southern California, we can provide services for autistic children and their families all around the globe.

We have offices in Sherman Oaks, Palmdale, Apple Valley, Orange, and Newport Beach.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We proudly provide free autism resources for parents, caregivers, and professionals.


Behavioral Health Technician

June 2019 Orange, CA
“I received a lot of hands-on training and a lot of feedback on the work I was doing.”

Behavioral Therapist

August 2018 Orange, CA
“Love the working culture and environment, also the job! ”
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What skills do I need to succeed as a Behavioral Therapist at Leafwing Center?

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