What does it take to be successful at Walmart Retail?

Be flexible. know how to count money. try your best to communicate with people with accents. make sure you know what different produce looks like in case they don’t have a PLU sticker (jicama or brussel sprouts compared to tomatillos). be able to follow rules and explain policies to customers. pa...
Skillset Retail Walmart
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What would be the best way to market myself to a Walmart recruiter?

Simple rules really Be respectful Be prepared Be honest Be yourself The last rule I will not stress enough. Be yourself while applying the other rules to it and that will be your biggest. Our company lives on our 4 core values and we want to find people will match those qualities. When i look for...
Career Fair Retail Walmart
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How would you describe the culture at Walmart?

I would describe Walmart's company culture as friendly and helpful. The employees are supposed to greet every customer with a smile and ask if they need assistance. The company tries to help every customer with complaints the best they can without breaking any store policies. We strive for a sens...
Company Culture Retail Walmart
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What's it like to be a sales associate at Walmart? What do you actually do in each department?

Lawn and garden is primarily a summer/seasonal position (they cut L&G hours in the off season). All sales associates at Walmart have the same essential duties: customer service (helping customers find what they need, giving advice), organizing (lots and lots of organizing) labeling, stocking, and...
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Anyone know what are some good questions to ask a Walmart recruiter at a career fair?

Career fairs are hard because you often have very little time. Ask things like how the recruiter feels about their store culture, what they like about their job or area of the store, how they feel about their ability to advance. Make sure you understand, it IS a retail job. And often physically d...
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Going into my interview at Walmart; anyone have any good tips to give?

For the electronics sales associate job, some of the qualities and experiences they are generally looking for are candidates who have a good attitude who would be good with customer service as well as experience with basic technology that is sold and having knowledge on the subject. For example,...
Interview Retail Walmart
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How much do employees at walmart retail stores get paid?

Expected compensation should be right around $11.00/hour. That was my base pay when I was hired, and a little over 6 months, I was given a raise of about $0.22, which doesn’t seem like much but it definitely shows in the paychecks.
Compensation Retail Walmart Stockman
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Anyone have any advice for turning my internship at Walmart into a full-time offer?

This will again depend in part on the type of internship one has, however Walmart does value hard work and dedication to the brand. The store manager at my branch had began as a cart boy and worked his way up in a relatively short time (he was probably in his 30s, had gone to college). Though p...
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Would you say Walmart is a good place to start one's career in retail?

Walmart would be a good place to kick off a career for someone willing to work hard and climb the ladder. There’s a lot of room and opportunity for advancement as long as effort is put in. However, it being such a big corporation there isn’t a lot of leeway. There’s a lot of rules and it’s not li...
Career Progression Retail Walmart
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Does anyone know if Walmart retail has a structured mentorship program?

If you want to get involved with something at Walmart it’s not going to be given to you (at least not while I was there). They won’t assign you a mentor, but you are given access to every email of department in Walmart. The Walmart culture highly encourages you to email people and set up meetings...
Mentor Retail Walmart
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What are your likes and dislikes about being a retail associate at Walmart?

I love that I have the chance to make people's day. My store is frequented by a lot of elderly people and I enjoy helping them lift heavy or bulky things, cheering them up, praying for them and making them feel valuable in ways that a lot of young people don't care to. I also enjoy that my boss a...
Pros and Cons Retail Walmart Electronics Associate
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As a walmart cashier, would you say you get good worklife balance?

It really depends on 1 your age and 2 your hours. I was still a minor so walmart followed very strict rules about not exceeding 8 hrs however if you are older it is all going to be what you agree to when you first apply. Make sure you are willing to actually put the days and hours you put on your...
Work-Life Balance Retail Cashier Walmart
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How's the work-life balance for a student working at walmart in a retail role?

Depends on how much you want to work or how much of a social life you want. They really only care as long as you work 20 hours but they can offer you up to 38. If you would rather have a social life then a lot of hours I would recommend not working in Caps department or a stalker, those require y...
Work-Life Balance Retail Walmart
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What does a courtesy associate at walmart do?

A Courtesy Associate position at Walmart is an entry-level position that requires little to no education. 80 percent of your time is collecting carts from the parking lot and returning them to the cart corral at the entrance of the store. The other part of the job is helping load customer cars w...
Day in the Life Retail Associate Walmart
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What's the training for a walmart store employee who's just starting?

The training for a Home/Apparel Associate was mostly on the computer. I spent a week learning about Walmart’s employee regulations and what my job would entail. After a week I was put on the floor with a seasoned employee to show me the ropes. After 3 days in apparel I was switched to the home de...
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What's it like to be a Cashier at Walmart? Do you like this job?

While working at Walmart as a cashier may seem easy to the public, but it is a detracted job for the entire store. Management trust in cashier to do the right thing for making the company the revenue that it needs and not stealing a single cent for the company since even one cent is missing, it c...
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Anyone have interview tips for a sales role at Walmart?

My interview at Walmart was not difficult. They asked very normal questions for a retail chain, such as what experiences I had working with a team and how I was able to effectively help customers at past jobs.
Interview Retail Walmart
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What should I expect to be paid as a Store Assortment Online Associate at Walmart?

Store assortment online is a wide variety of skill sets. It is a tech field so programming jobs will be available as well as engineering, program managers, scrum master, and entry level low paying jobs ($12) for content management and contacting clients.
Compensation Retail Walmart Store Assortment Online
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What is it you like and dislike about being a Customer Service Manager at Walmart?

I enjoy being a CSM at Walmart because I’m able to lead a team that strives to help our customers. I’m giving this important responsibility and it can be challenging sometimes, but being able to help customers is worth it in my opinion. I dislike being a CSM at Walmart because at my store, peopl...
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Does anyone know what Customer Service Supervisors at Walmart do?

To answer the second question, Customer Service Supervisors oversee everything that happens on the front end. That means they spend time with the cashiers, at the customer service desk, with the cart pushers, at self-checkout, and in some cases, at the online pickup section. CSS's are meant to re...
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