Accounting Intern

February - April 2019 • Scottsdale, AZ

What I liked

I liked getting to know some of the staff and learning about their Infor Accounting System. They gave me flexible hours that fit around my school schedule.

What I wish was different

The internship ended after 6 weeks and it was totally unexpected, they gave me an impression during my interview that I would be staying there much longer. They made me feel like I was being fired because they told me the day of that it was my last day, totally unprofessional. I wished they made me feel more welcomed when I worked there as I was the only intern in the finance department and everybody was much older than me. They never took any time to train me.


Be prepared and pay attention to detail, they are very picky about every single task that you do there. They say they are looking for an intern, but they are really looking for an actual accountant with a degree with a lot of prior work experience. They expect you to jump right in the workload with little to no training whatsoever. I can't speak for the engineering positions, but I wouldn't recommend this place if you are looking for an internship in finance or accounting.
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