National Center for Civil and Human Rights

About National Center for Civil and Human Rights

At The Center, we believe in Civil and Human Rights for all of humanity, and we believe we can get there through truth, empathy, and dialogue. Located in the heart of Downtown Atlanta—the birthplace of our nation’s Civil Rights Movement—the National Center for Civil and Human Rights is more than a museum: it’s an inspiring, immersive experience that takes visitors on a journey through America’s Civil Rights Movement and leads directly into the Global Human Rights Movements of today. The Center is the only place in the world that continually exhibits the writings and artifacts of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., providing a deeply personal connection to the Civil Rights leader. Those personal connections extend as The Center preserves the stories of the Civil Rights Movement; shines a light on the struggles for rights around the world; educates and empowers new generations; and serves as a hub for tough but vital conversations. We invite everyone to add their voice to the conversation, and to lead their own communities in honoring and protecting the rights of all.

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