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Legal Negotiator

March 2017 • New York City, NY

What I liked

Supposedly has good reviews and the earnings potential is high. Great location.

What I wish was different

The hiring process. Also, management. I was hired without condition and given a skimpy offer letter, without any explanation for commissions (since it is a base + commission job, and most earnings come from commission). I had asked and expressed my dissatisfaction when it was not provided during "training", a 3-day evaluation before actually making calls. This is a calling job, by the way. To my surprise and the other 25 new hires, this was actually a 3-day elimination trial. They hire a bunch of graduates who need jobs, tell them they have jobs, stick them in a room with some of the most condescending managers I have ever met, and then, without explanation, fire you. This was not told to me before hire. They also hunted you for a non-disclosure agreement, but I had the pleasure of not signing. It's a job about personal credit scores and the skills cannot be applied to the next job.


The reviews state that the hours are long and that there is office drama. My advice, based on my experience, is to stay away from this company unless you just need a quick line on your resume. Managers are fairly inexperienced, as turnover of employees is high and managers had less than two years of experience internally before their promotions. However, if you don't ask questions and decide that this is career for you, I would tell you to go to the interview. The job function is arguably unethical, and they can't dispute that, but you may get promoted quickly and earn 6 figures. Also, one of the company founders was a Pace graduate.
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