Nations Lending Corporation

Loan Analyst Intern

January 2020 • Cleveland, OH

What I liked

I absolutely loved being the first point of contact for the customers of Nations Lending Corporation. I was able to learn more about financial responsibility, marketing, and how to advertise a company's products. I've also seen first-hand how rewarding it can be to work with people all across the country to help them in whatever financial situation they're in.

What I wish was different

Honestly, nothing! I loved the office setting I've been in, and I loved the work I did. My office and bosses were extremely encouraging and I felt like I could come to them with anything or any issues I had, whether they be professional or personal.


I would advise anyone looking into marketing or finance to truly take a deeper look at what it all means; helping people financially lifts such a burden off of so many people who genuinely need the help, and it's such a rewarding field to be in.
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