Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) North Island

Mechanical Engineering Intern

June - August 2019 • NAS North Island, CA

What I liked

As a USMC veteran, I really enjoyed working back with the military. The work culture and military terminology was all familiar. As an aircraft mechanic I liked that I had the option to be involved with the personnel on the floor doing the maintenance or be in the office doing engineering investigations. The flexible schedule was a plus also because it gave me an opportunity to continue going to school during the summer. I would definitely like to work with them again if I were given the opportunity.

What I wish was different

The only thing I wish could have been different is the process of getting credentials approved for using the specific engineering software on the computers and engineering resource websites. I was not able to do most of the work needed if I was unable to get access to certain resource web sites and software programs until half way through my internship. If there is a way to start the paper trail process prior to starting the internship this will help streamline the credential certification process.


One piece of advice I can give is that don't be afraid to ask questions. If you are stuck on something for too long, it is time to ask for help. Also, pick a good time to commute to the island. I would sometimes show up to work by 530AM to avoid all the morning traffic going on base, if not that time I would show up after the traffic which is around 8-9AM.
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