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About NCCU School of Library and Information Sciences

The School of Library and Information Sciences at North Carolina Central University is a fully accredited graduate program focused on research, teaching and public engagement to prepare leaders to help the public, industry, and individuals develop the knowledge and tools to provide access to information for all humanity. We challenge each student to learn and discover innovative ways to leverage digital technologies and leadership approaches to meet the information needs necessary to address grand challenges in our society. Our amazing “Information Eagles” are earning either a Master of Library Science or a Master of Information Science from North Carolina Central University. Today we also offer joint degree programs in Law and Information Science, Law and Library Science, MBA and Information Science, Public Administration and Information Science, and Educational Technology and Instructional Design and Information Science. The SLIS degrees are very versatile and open doors to careers working wherever there is a need to to infuse information and communication technology, data and information management, data analytics, system analysis and design, organization of information, artificial intelligence and expert systems, and management and leadership of information organizations in all sectors. Our graduates are proud leaders of the nations leading libraries, tech-sector organizations, public sector organizations and academia. SLIS is the only program of its type in any HBCU in the US.


assistant intern

August 2018 - December 2018 Durham, NC
“Honestly, I loved everything about working with Mrs. Brame, the Director of student professional development. I've gotten experience with critiquing students resumes, managing over our schools resource library, school event planning, networking with faculty, owners of businesses, company employees, students, etc. ”
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