About Panopto

At Panopto, we believe video can have a transformational impact on teamwork and collaboration. We built an industry-leading platform to achieve our mission: help anyone share knowledge with video. Early success has fueled adoption at many companies and most of the top universities around the world, and our rapid growth has been recognized by Gartner, Aragon, and Deloitte. But we’re just getting started; the business is growing fast, and we have lots of new ideas still to explore.

Panopto is a truly unique company; we’re at a sweet spot between big companies and early-stage startups. Like a big company, we have great benefits and work-life balance, a product that’s proven in the marketplace, a strong business, and a top-notch team with diverse backgrounds. Like an early startup, we move fast and everyone has an opportunity to make an outsized impact. If you find that your “head” chooses to work at a big company, but your “heart” wishes you were at a small company, Panopto is the place for you.

Our innovative product makes it so easy to create high-quality videos, our customers generate content by the petabyte. Video at this huge degree of scale–the largest video repository of expert knowledge on the planet–gives Panopto the chance to shine: tackling problems of content discovery. Our industry-leading inside-video search indexes every detail of the audio and video tracks, so we can take users to the exact moment of video they need to see. But these are still early days. We have a myriad of interesting, hard problems to solve.


IT Intern

June 2018 - September 2018 Seattle, WA
“Very friendly and welcoming company culture. All the other employees were always helpful in finding resources and welcoming around the office which created a great work environment. I was able to learn a lot of useful skills and information which helped me to convert to Full-Time after my internship and continue to grow in my field.”

Software Engineer Intern

June 2017 - September 2017 Seattle, WA
“Worked on meaningful projects, great culture and people.”
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