PAR Excellence Systems

About PAR Excellence Systems

Everything we make at PAR Excellence is designed around the caregiver and the caregivers’ needs and patterns of use. Since 1992, we’ve been building inventory management systems that make it easy for caregivers to control inventory without errors and without excess steps.

We offer an entire suite of supply chain management products that work together, and we use them to create custom configurations for your hospital or IDN. Whether you’re big or small, and no matter the population of your clients or caregivers, we can create the right configuration to fit your supply chain. We pride ourselves on offering robust, clever solutions that require little knowledge and training for caregivers to use correctly and administrators to set up and use data from.


Mechanical Engineering Intern

May 2019 Cincinnati, OH
“Very small company and even though I was under the mechanical engineer, I got experience in manufacturing as well as electrical.”
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