Parker Dewey

About Parker Dewey

Parker Dewey LLC ( is a consulting firm providing opportunities for career launchers to complete engagements as consultants on behalf of companies. Career launchers have the opportunity to apply to work on only those projects that interest them, and are highly skilled university graduates and current students who have completed the prerequisite coursework to prepare them to complete these projects.

Companies retain Parker Dewey to provide services across a variety of departments, industries, and organization sizes. The assignments are comparable to those typically given to new hires such as conducting market research, performing financial analyses, assisting in lead generation, and crafting internal and external communication materials. Projects tend to require between 5 and 40 hours, with deliverables expected a few days to a month after launch.

As a consultant, the benefits include the opportunity to:
- Work on interesting projects
- Explore career options
- Gain valuable experience
- Demonstrate capabilities
- Develop relationships
- Generate income


Independant Contractor

February 2019 - July 2019 Big Rapids, MI
“Micro Internships are so cool! I worked on a project by project basis from my home on projects for companies all across the country. Would recommend and it pays well.”
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