About Pathfinders

Pathfinders was established to help families become self-sufficient. Self-sufficiency is not achieved through stop-gap measures or short term solutions. We advocate strategies for families that will create ladders out of poverty and lead to financial stability.
Organizational Values:
Empowerment: Devoted to empowering clients to attain their personal goals of self-sufficiency
Sustainability: Dedicated to the effective use of available resources
Excellence: Committed to continuous improvement in how we do things - both internally in how we operate and externally in how we deliver services to our clients
Strength-based: Appreciating the unique strengths held by each individual by helping each other to achieve their potential
Open Mindset: Pledging to keep an open mind and heart when communicating with others
Respect: Striving to build strong relationships that are based on the mutual respect between and among staff, clients and volunteers


Assistant Advocate

June 2021 - August 2021 Milwaukee, WI
“How welcoming some of the staff was.”
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