Product Development Co-op

May - August 2020 • Loveland, OH

What I liked

They allowed us to work remotely or in the office, depending on the preference (and how many people were in the office), they were flexible with our work hours, and if we needed to take a day off, they allowed us to do so. With clients being a little tight on money, us co-op's were not able to work on billable tasks. Instead, they gave us a design project, and let us have complete creative freedom over it. We held brain-storming sessions, design reviews, and coordinated meetings on an almost daily basis.

What I wish was different

There was a little down time here and there. However, that was to be expected.


Be open-minded and pursue topics you're passionate about in your down time if you work there. ITE is very clear in stating that they don't just want their employees to work, they also want them to learn and grow.
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