Pronghorn Resort

Outside Services

June - August 2018 • Bend, OR

What I liked

Working at Pronghorn had excellent perks such as being able to practice and play golf on their facilities. Pronghorn is managed by Troon, a large property development and manager that operates many golf courses across the world. Troon offered competitive employee benefits, and there were opportunities to grow within Troon. The facilities at Pronghorn Resort are also stunning.

What I wish was different

I wish the culture at Pronghorn Resort had been different. The team aspect of working outside services at a golf course was diminished by a number of factors including unequal sharing of tips, assignment of "shifts" to specific tasks, and a lack of leadership from management. Outside service personel were scheduled for specific positions on a shift, which led to individuals having to handle to undesirable job for an entire shift rather than the splitting the work evenly. Tips were not shared between personel on each shift, and the individual scheduled to greet quests after their round would accumulate all the tip money at the end of the day. When individuals began to slack off on their duties, there was no clear leader of the outside services team, which led to poor work becoming common place. This combination made a gorgeous resort in beautify Bend, OR an undesirable place to work.


This may not have been the most amazing summer work experience I have ever had, but I was able to learn a lot about the attributes I value in a company. My advice is that if you are unhappy with your job, make sure you learn why you are unhappy, and use that knowledge when searching for your next opportunity.
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