Support Analyst - Intern

March 2020 - November 2021 • Springfield, OH

What I liked

-it was a great experience being able to learn and break into the IT field with hands-on helpdesk experience -I was able to gain much technical knowledge for troubleshooting issues with computer systems -I developed my customer service skills -I have skills I can take with me to other IT related jobs now -coworkers were friendly and willing to help you learn on the job

What I wish was different

- I wish that management had a better concept of communication -If you are going to let someone go, give them a heads up especially if they have been performing well and nobody except for upper management new about it -I wish I was let go of for a different reason, being part-time(due to being a student) was not a good reason to let me go -The pay was low for the quality of work I was doing (Starting: 10.25 Ending was 11.50 dollars an hour)


-One of my managers told me that as long as you perform well, we have no reason to cut you. This is a lie as they cut me even though I was still performing well on the helpdesk. If you are not able to work full-time after 6 months to a year, I recommend getting another job before they cut you. -Always ask for help even if you're afraid to, it's how you learn and generally someone is nice enough to help you with an issue -
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