About QLI

We search tirelessly for the best and brightest young healthcare minds across the country. In doing so, we have grown to become one of the largest and most recognized post-hospital brain and spinal cord injury rehabilitation programs in the United States. In just over 30 years, our commitment to excellence and exceptional outcomes has drawn thousands of families to Omaha, NE from across the country and beyond to participate in QLI’s unique, effective Tri-Dimensional Rehabilitation Program.

QLI is set on a beautiful 65-acre campus, where its rehabilitation programs address not only the core medical and physical aspects of a person’s recovery, but also the real-world skills and individualized interests that bring purpose and passion to their lives. We meet people where they are. We see their potential and are dedicated to protecting dignity and instilling purpose along their journey. We collaborate on setting goals and then achieving them. We pivot when we need to. We push through when we need to. We offer patience and grace along the journey. We are relentless.

The way we serve our clients is mirrored in the way we treat our team members. We offer competitive pay, industry-leading benefits, and most importantly an exciting, diverse, and meaningful work experience providing life-changing rehabilitation at the most critical juncture in a client’s rehabilitation journey. At QLI, we believe our team members will be successful at work if they are successful in life. The culture is one of openness and understanding, investing in our people, and providing an exciting career ladder with merit-based advancement, cross-discipline experience, and a slew of opportunities and benefits designed to facilitate growth and learning (like tuition reimbursement and on-campus continuing education!).

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! QLI has received the “Best Places to Work in Omaha” award seven times, and in 2018 earned the “Sustained Excellence Award,” a nod to our past accomplishments, as well as our future of continuing to be one of the best places to work in the region. Our leaders, current and former, crisscross the country speaking to organizations about building positive employee culture and work environments.

If you want to explore a healthcare career in the country’s foremost rehabilitation environments and employee cultures, we would love the chance to chat with you! If you want to be inspired by our therapy process, visit any of our social media channels to observe the journey!



March 2018 - July 2019 Omaha, NE
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