About QuantConnect

We believe the future of investment will be powered by automated trading and we're working to bring this technology to everyone.

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We foster an open source, web based community around algorithmic trading. Through our open source project, LEAN, we allow anyone to download and run their own algorithmic trading platform from their computer. Our community has 20,000 engineers, quants, and scientists from all over the world. They are some of the smartest people in the world, combining knowledge of macro economics, market micro structure, artificial intelligence, coding and inventing new algorithms to predict the markets.

We have a fully featured IDE (coding environment) in a web browser that supports coding in C#, Python, F#, VB and Java to design trading strategies. You can clone a shared algorithm project, or create your own. When you're ready you can deploy the strategy into live trading on one of 4 brokerages.

Our cloud technology has a library of 120TB of market data in equities, options, futures and forex markets - collectively worth over $200,000 - made available to the community for free. This lowers the barriers to entry allowing anyone to be a quant.

We have a linux cloud technology stack, powered by Mono (open source C#), and the web IDE is a mix of the latest JS/HTML5. Every day brings exciting new and difficult challenges solving problems ranging from UX/engagement, algorithm design, and cloud cluster compute technologies.

We are a team of 5 engineers, and 30 opensource contributors from all over the world with backgrounds in biomedical, financial, aerospace and computer engineering. We place a heavy weighting on initiative and creativity. Even as a new recruit you'll have a say in the company direction, and on the projects you work on. We've got hundreds of exciting new areas to explore!

We have a beautiful office in the center of Dumbo, New York City. Our space includes 180 degree views of New York skyline, a brain storming area, free food/soda/coffee and lots of space to create.

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Quantitative Developer Intern

July 2020 - August 2020 Chicago, IL
“The team is amazing and very helpful. I like the startup scrappy culture and not the corporate ladder. Overall, it is a great company to work at. ”
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