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About QuiVive Global Advisory LLC

QuiVive Global Advisory LLC is an independent consulting firm established to advise a select group of market rate sustainability and impact oriented funds and businesses on product development, business strategy and capital raising.

At its root, the phrase “Qui Vive?” has always been a sentry’s challenge -- basically asking the question, “Whose side are you on?” to those approaching the palace gates. In recent times its definition has evolved to mean “alert” or “on the lookout,” “vigilant” and “watchful.”

QuiVive has taken a decided stand on the side of impact and sustainability. Our goal is to expand this ecosystem by connecting market rate funds and firms with established conscious capital while helping to educate and introduce new entrants across the spectrum of investor types.

Performance drives our partnerships. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals frame our mission. We are “on the QuiVive” for partnerships with funds and firms that make investment performance their first priority with focused strategies that have intentionality around being part of the solution for one or more of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We are “on the QuiVive” for capital to propel those funds and firms.

The Moral Imperative and Utilitarianism need not be mutually exclusive: That which is good for many can be the right thing to do. Whose side are you on?


Research Associate

July 2021 - August 2021 Springfield, VA
“This was a fantastic experience. Highly recommend for anyone that has a desire to learn more about the asset management industry/finance industry more generally - especially if you're someone who is also passionate about social and environmental causes. Michael is a great guy! Incredibly personable and wants to connect with interns and support their long term growth.”
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