Robertson Capital

About Robertson Capital

Robertson Capital is a single family office/holding company comprised of numerous operating businesses across the energy and industrial sectors. Each of these businesses work simultaneously and dependently on one another. The subsidiary companies that fall under the umbrella of Robertson Capital are as follows:

| Continuum Restoration |
Servicing the mitigation and restoration industry, Continuum Restoration is Robertson Capital's most rapidly growing company. Through numerous new branch openings, there is opportunity here to work alongside the corporate team in developing and executing business strategy as well as data analytics, finance, marketing, and more. This company is where we are seeking to direct the majority of talent.

| Stonefly Investments |
As the subsidiary companies grow, Stonefly Investments raises the funds to support our many business operations. The opportunity lies here in finance, investments, data analytics, business modeling and more.

| Robertson Energy |
Our privately held oil and gas company uses state-of-the-art technology to develop conventional oil and gas assets along the Gulf Coast Basin. Both Stonefly Investments and Continuum Restoration work hand in hand with supporting business initiatives.

| Mako Lift |
Mako Lift is a United States manufacturer & provider of both conventional and retrievable Gas-Lift valves and mandrels, along with Gas-Lift related field services.

| Robertson Midstream |
Robertson Midstream is a private midstream oil and gas company focused on the Gulf Coast regions of Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and Alabama as well as potential strategic acquisitions in United States shale plays.

| JPS Disposal |

| Preferred Oil and Gas Marketing, LLC | (POGM)


Marketing Intern

May 2019 Lafayette, LA
“I have gained SO much experience from being able to work for Continuum Restoration, under Robertson Capital. In addition to being given legitimate, important tasks, my supervisors always provide the opportunity for me to learn. With new software, programs, and platforms, they push for me to gain new skills that I can take with me wherever I may go. I am gaining real world business experience that goes beyond what the classroom has ever taught. ”
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