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At Romney Pest Control, our professional exterminators are specially trained to handle pests in the Dallas/Fort Worth and Austin/San Antonio areas. The Dallas and San Antonio areas are the perfect breeding grounds for pests because of the seasonal climate and terrain.Central Texas has large pastures, lush wooded areas, and hundreds of miles of run off culverts, all surrounding densely populated urban areas. It is not surprising that pests are so abundant here. Many pests, such as termites, stinging insects, and rodents, thrive in their respective seasons.

Pest Technicians that Live and Work Here
Although we may not rank insects with supremely high intelligence, they appear to be hardwired to thrive at sharing your home and business. They know how to discreetly hide, until the day they become so overconfident that you may be shocked by a mouse crossing your kitchen floor or startled by the number of ants living outside your back door. Romney Pest Control knows our local pests. Our trained technicians live, work, and know your local area and the pest problems prevalent here.


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