ROVO (Reach Out Venture Out)

About ROVO (Reach Out Venture Out)

ROVO (Reach Out Venture Out) is a consumer-focused marketing platform for small- and medium-sized enterprises that offer unique, experiential services. We increase our clients' customer acquisition and retention by matching consumers to others based on experience level.

Despite being in the most technologically connected era, global social disconnection is on the rise. Studies are finding strong associations between high social media use and perceived social isolation. This feeling of loneliness is enhanced as an individual inevitably goes through significant life events that require a change in network: moving to a new city, empty nesting, and retirement. Unfortunately, changing network becomes more difficult as an individual gets older. The opportunities to meet new friends through shared experiences get smaller, and the feelings of social disconnection grow stronger.

Chronic perceived social isolation is linked to toxic health effects that are worse than that of air pollution, excessive drinking, and obesity. Surveys have found that people report feeling more connected to others and the community when participating in experiences. ROVO strives for better public health by fostering social connectedness and a sense of belonging with more-meaningful social opportunities.


Software Engineer Intern

June 2018 - August 2018 San Francisco, CA
“I liked working with a team to create a new product”
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