Rural & Migrant Ministry, Inc.

About Rural & Migrant Ministry, Inc.

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About Rural & Migrant Ministry: We are a statewide, non-profit organization that has been standing proudly with rural and migrant communities throughout New York since 1981.

We act to overcome the prejudices and poverty that degraded and debilitate people within rural New York by building communities that celebrate diversity, achieve true mutuality and fight for dignity and opportunity for all.

We work with rural leaders of all ages, who are committed to equality and cooperative opportunity, especially within agricultural systems. We also support people in faith, labor and university communities who seek to stand with rural leaders and allies.

Our Mission Statement is as such:
Rural & Migrant Ministry works for the creation of a just, rural New York State through:
Nurturing leadership
Standing with the disenfranchised, especially farmworkers and rural workers
Changing unjust systems and structures

RMM implements its Mission through three key Programs:

Accompaniment: Through our Accompaniment Program, RMM stands with and accompanies rural workers in particular farmworkers who seek to improve working and living conditions. For over twenty-five years RMM has coordinated the statewide Justice for Farmworkers Legislative Campaign, seeking to ensure that the voices of the workers is heard at the policy- making tables that impact their lives. In 2019, Governor Cuomo signed the Farm Laborer Fair Labor Practices Act, removing the exclusion of farmworkers from New York State Labor Laws.

Popular Education: Experiential and Popular Education are key components of RMM's efforts to strengthen rural leaders. RMM hosts the Grail Rural Worker Education Center in the Hudson Valley, the Liturgia Rural Worker Education Center in Wayne County, the Amandla Rural Worker Education Center in Riverhead, on the eastern end of Long Island and the SPARK Rural Worker Education Center in Sullivan County.

Youth Empowerment: Since the 1980s, we have been firmly committed to empowering rural youth to create opportunities for themselves while at the same time learning how to change their world. Our programs offer a variety of experiences that nurture awareness, creativity, problem-solving and leadership development. Our youth travel many miles from isolated communities in order to develop and lead their own out-of-school programs. In the process, they internalize the concepts of self-worth and hope.


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