Rutgers University-Newark Office of Reservations & Special Events

About Rutgers University-Newark Office of Reservations & Special Events

The Office of Reservations & Special Events (ORSE) fosters holistic student development and provides quality services and conference experiences to both the campus and greater Newark. In all of our efforts, we provide a place where people meet on a common ground to share their abilities, ideas, talents, and interests as part of a global society.

ORSE serves as a catalyst for the campus community’s social, cultural, educational, and recreational activities. As an employee, you ensure that we facilitate this task by providing the highest level of service to all users and members of the community.

We all help operate the PRCC, 15 Washington Street Apartments, and Express Newark event spaces through our services, staff, and expertise. Student staff are an integral part of the success of our educational and co-curricular goals. Their dedication, hard work, and knowledge are vital to our success. We would like to express our commitment to creating a positive experience for our students.

As an employee with ORSE, you will have the opportunity to serve your peers, earn the necessary skills for your formal and professional education, and experience personal development within the job. We provide an environment for career growth, personal and professional development, and on-the-job training that will empower you will valuable transferable skills.


Housing Crew

July 2019 Newark, NJ
“I like the people that I work with, my boss, the new skills I’ve learned in AudioVisual, working during jazz events, and being able to make clients jobs a little easier”
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