Saga Education

About Saga Education

Becoming a Saga Fellow is your chance to show up.

For complex formulas. For complex lives. For hard days and hard-earned high fives.

As a social justice non-profit, our aim is to end the educational inequities that have held back too many marginalized young people for too long. A service year with Saga is your chance to be part of lasting change.

What will you do?

Whether you are working in-person or online, you’ll connect daily with a small group of students, building relationships that will affect their lives and yours.

When you spend a year serving with Saga, you’re not only helping young people learn math. You’re fostering the confidence and sense of belonging that supports all academic success.

We train our tutors to make an impact, with the ongoing coaching, mentoring and feedback it takes to translate good intentions to great instruction.

Your Saga experience will prepare you for wherever life takes you, whether it’s teaching, graduate school, or careers in countless other fields.


Algebra Tutor

August 2021 Miami, FL
“Love the people I work with! Great work culture”
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