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Saint John’s Resort is dedicated to providing world class amenities for its guests with the finest experience in golf, entertainment, recreation, and hospitality. Whether staying a night, playing a round of golf, enjoying a fine dining experience, holding a corporate event, or celebrating a life event or milestone, our focus is on exceeding guest expectations and providing exquisite products and customer service while upholding healthy and wholesome family and community values.


Beverage Cart Server

May 2019 - August 2019 Plymouth, MI
“I really liked being in an environment where I was knowledgeable about the subject (golf) and where I could be outside and interact with people all day. I enjoyed meeting new people, and learning about how the food service industry works as well as how sports management plays a role in running a golf course. ”
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Questions & Answers

Is there anything that I "must know" before interviewing for an events manager position at The Inn at St. John's?

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What should I expect on a daily basis if I were to be an event manager at The Inn at St. John's?

Day in the Life +3
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