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A liberal arts education provides an essential foundation for any career you pursue. Critical thinking, writing, the ability to collaborate, and speaking before an audience are all skills that employers highly value. At the same time, we believe that it's essential for students to have access to quality, real-world experiences during their time at school through internships, on-campus student employment, and volunteering. At the Career Education and Alumni Engagement Center we are here to guide your path, providing support to students choosing a major, information on building your resumé and networking, career advice, and much more.


Student Researcher

June 2018 - July 2018 Colchester, VT
“Working to rather literally learn and share the found knowledge was a wonderful and uplifting experience from which I learned a great deal about my research subject and possibly my future career.”


January 2019 Colchester, VT
“I liked that I could be part of such a rare experience. There are not many colleges with this opportunity. The cost of my meal plan and living plan were covered by the department which meant I could focus on the department instead of a paying job.”
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