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Our Vision: Salem exists to provide quality care to people who have developmental disabilities. This quality care will be evidenced by working towards achieving each individual’s fullest potential and independence in an environment that is respectful, individualistic, safe and productive. Care will be delivered using industry-best practices and tools and will be given through a well-trained dedicated staff. Salem’s care is special and will not be limited to those currently being served; the means of providing this care to others will constantly be explored.

Just as Salem has a responsibility to provide exceptional care to those under its oversight, Salem must operate in a manner that ensures its focus is on care, that it is strong, viable and will endure. To this end, it will make every attempt to manage its operations with the resources allocated to it by the State. This will require that Salem continually seeks to improve its processes and ensure that it has superior, well-trained leadership and staff. Salem leadership will work with the Salem Board and the Foundation to fund objectives through the Foundation that would be allocated to provide superior care or growth.

Our Mission: Is to offer Christian residential care and training for individuals who have developmental disabilities. We believe each person is created in God’s image, and we strive to enhance the quality of life of those we serve by assisting and encouraging each resident to achieve his or her optimal functioning level.


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July 2018 - August 2018 Chino, CA
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