San Francisco Public Defender's Office

About San Francisco Public Defender's Office

The San Francisco Public Defender’s Office is statutorily mandated to defend individuals who are not financially able to employ counsel, and who are charged with the commission of any contempt or offense, triable in the superior courts.
The Public Defender’s Office also has Juvenile, Immigration, and Mental Health Units. These units have teams of attorneys, social workers, investigators, and advocates who represent San Francisco’s diverse community and are dedicated to both the legal and collateral needs of our clients.


Legal Intern

June 2021 - August 2021 San Francisco, CA
“The office is very connected and social. Many different attorneys offered their time and experience to the interns and their were multiple assignments given to each intern- I was in the Pretrial Release Unit (PRU), Court Watch with the Davis Vanguard, and did policy work with the office state policy attorney.”
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