Sanctuary One

About Sanctuary One

Located on 55 acres in Oregon's beautiful Applegate Valley, Sanctuary One was established in 2007. Sanctuary One’s mission is to provide a refuge for animals and a healing place for people while promoting environmental stewardship. People visit the farm through various ways: field trips, public tours, individual volunteerism, internships, and through our service learning partnerships. While all people visiting the farm may have various levels of mental and physical health benefits through Sanctuary One’s care farm model, our service learning partnerships in particular are set up with the intentionality of focusing on non-clinical therapy work.

Sanctuary One provides a safe home to rescued farm animals and house pets. Elderly, disabled, chronically ill, and emotionally traumatized animals who may never be adoptable receive personalized attention, loving rehabilitation, and a peaceful retirement here. The farm includes expansive gardens which not only provide rich vegetables and food (donated to local food banks), but opportunities for growth of the people who tend them.

At Sanctuary One we ensure healing is mutual, for people and animals and the earth.



June 2022 - August 2022 Jacksonville, OR
“I loved spending my summer at Sanctuary One. The people there are so supportive and I loved working with the animals. The farm is also located in a beautiful valley and I enjoyed being outdoors. I loved my time at Sanctuary One. I feel like my time there taught me a lot about the animals, gardens, and myself. ”
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