Sanitas Brewing Company

About Sanitas Brewing Company

Our mission at Sanitas Brewing Company is to operate a profitable brewery crafting handmade creative beers using sustainable methods for the enjoyment of our patrons and ourselves.
The owl logo synonymous with Sanitas Brewing Co. was inspired by a series of odd events beginning with a late night brew in which co-founders Chris and Michael noticed they were being observed by a large black owl. After that, nearly every time the brewers met to plan out the brewery’s future, they would spot an owl watching them from a nearby tree. Seemingly more than just happenstance, they adopted the iconic owl as Sanitas’ logo. The six pointed brewer's star icon was once adorned on breweries from Belgium to Germany. The points represent malted barley, grain, hops, water, yeast, and the brewer; the elemental ingredients in quality beer.


Accounting/Finance and Administrative Intern

June 2019 Boulder, CO
“Very friendly and inclusive staff, excellent learning environment.”
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