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Welcome to the Groundwater and Water Resources (GWR) research group at San Francisco State University
The Groundwater and Water Resources (GWR) research group is part of the Department of Earth & Climate Sciences at San Francisco State University. The "Hydro Group" studies hydrologic, climatologic, and biogeochemical processes that affect sustainable groundwater and surface-water resources in California and the western United States

Groundwater and Water Resources (GWR) Research Group
Our "Hydro group" uses modeling-, field-, and laboratory-based approaches to understand:

→ Groundwater and suface water resource availability, sustainability, and vulnerability assessment; and related environmental engineering applications, especially within the context of urban and agricultural water management.

→ Vadose zone (unsaturated zone) and soil-water processes, including quantifying & mapping recharge quantity and quality and preferential flow;

→ Aqueous geochemistry;

→ Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Nexus;

→ Managed aquifer recharge;

→ Low Impact Development (LID) effects on recharge quantity and quality;

→ Hydroclimatology and climate change / variability effects on water resources;

→ Contaminant hydrogeology and nonpoint-source contamination at watershed to regional scales, including groundwater-vulnerability assessments to nitrate;

→ Saltwater intrusion and submarine groundwater discharge as related to the management of coastal aquifers systems;

→ Interdependencies between climatic-hydrologic-land use and subsurface processes;

→ Geographic Information Systems (GIS) modeling and uncertainty analysis.


Pipeline Engineering Intern

May 2023 - August 2023 San Jose, CA
“I really enjoyed being in the program where it was encouraged to go on site tours and take advantage of learning opportunities. Not only did I learn so much in my unit about how they carry out design plans for pipelines - I learned about other units such as watersheds, construction, and asset management! I began to understand how they all worked together to get water to Santa Clara County.”
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