Sargento Foods Inc.

Heavy Duty

May - August 2019 • Plymouth, WI

What I liked

That my mom worked at the factory and I was able to make connections with some people that I work with.

What I wish was different

That people wouldn't take advantage of the fact that I was young and didn't know a lot of what I was doing and would make mistakes. And that the older people, not all of them, at the plant and in the same department as me would stop correcting me on everything once I was done training and I knew what I was doing I didn't need hawk eyes on me all the time so if they would just put some faith in me that would be nice.


Be careful of who you trust in the department that you work in even those that have worked there a long time may not know what they are doing. If you are sick be careful how you use your vacation days that you are given as you are very limited on how you can use them and when you are really sick you are going to want to have them and not risk getting fired.
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