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At Saturday Robotics, we’re building autonomous solutions to tame the chaos of daily life — and to meaningfully lighten our load on the planet together.

Join us as we gear up to launch out of stealth mode!


Mechanical Engineering Co-op

June 2023 Watertown, MA
“People make or break a job, and the people here definitely made it! At Saturday, even just being a co-op student, I felt like a real engineer with my opinions and ideas treated the same as anyone. The mechanical engineering team is very welcoming, inclusive, and diverse in people, perspectives, and ideas. (Along with being some of the smartest people I've met!) I like that I was given the opportunity to lead a project that was my own, as if I were a full-time engineer at the company. I also had a mentor that I could turn to if I needed help, and they helped me grow engineering skills, identifying my weaknesses, and working on them in meaningful ways. I like how I am expected to be learning! The main trait that they wanted to help me on, identified from the interview, was connecting the academic material I learned in classes, and how to apply it to design and engineering in the real world, and I have been able develop that trait confidently here. (Also to add, there was a subsidized commuter rail pass that was very nice!)”
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