Schepers Lawn Sprinkling

Lawn Sprinkling Technician

April - August 2019 • Jenison, MI

What I liked

I liked being able to get hands-on with the work that I was doing. It was also cool to see the physical progress my crew made throughout the day with an end result of a full sprinkler system in within a day or two for homes and businesses.

What I wish was different

At times the work was difficult due to coworkers and long days in the hot sun. When you're looking down all day and all you do is dig with a shovel and connect plastic parts together it can get old after a while.


Working in the "blue-collar" field is all about who you are working with. Make sure to find a good leader or team leader because how they lead can either make or break the work experience. Leaders who lead by example and step up while listening to their crew members are the types of leaders to follow because they help make the difficult days easier to get through. Complainers are not good leaders.
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