School District of New Berlin

Summer Cleaner

May 2017 - August 2019 • New Berlin, WI

What I liked

I really appreciate the fact that they gave me a chance to prove myself without any previous job experience. They asked me to return for the 2 summers after, and if it wasn't for Covid-19 and my new internship I would have gladly returned for a 4th summer. Great people, hard workers, and really amazing managers. They really taught me a lot about working, and having a cleaning job as my first job really made me respect those who have to clean not just at this school district, but for any janitorial job.

What I wish was different

I wish that they would give more proper training for lifting properly, as well as better lifting equipment in general. Some of the tables and bookshelves that needed to be moved were very heavy and very awkward to handle, and some better equipment would have gone a long way. I remember coming home some days with slight soreness from some of the lifting tasks.


Never slack and work as hard as you can give and those around you will appreciate that. In general try to be supportive of your coworkers, if they are doing something and you finished your task step up and give them a hand. Just in general try not to be standing around on your phone. But also create some conversation if you can instead of just listening to music all the time. If you are going to work with others all summer maybe get to know them! (ALSO P.S. try and get some reference numbers while you're at it! They are really open for that stuff from my experience.)
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