Schreiber Foods, Inc.

Does Schreiber Foods have a welcoming and enjoyable culture?

Schreiber foods outside overall company culture is wonderful however the logan plant I found many people are frustrated with the gap between management and floor staff. If you just focus on your job you will do just fine however I would not recommend Schreiber foods in logan as a long term career...
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What was your experience like as a Global Systems Intern at Schreiber Foods?

Schreiber doesn't immerse you into EVERYTHING right away, which I was extremely thankful for. Learning everything you need to learn takes place over the course of a few weeks and even up to the first two months that you work here, but, realistically you never do stop learning do you? Everyday you...
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Can a Global Systems Intern expect a good-work life balance at Schreiber Foods?

One of the many many perks is that you can come in when best suits your schedule. Sometimes I come in as early as 7:00 AM (I'm really ambitious those days), but other days I may not come in until 8:30 AM. You may leave at anytime for lunch, and having all the restaurants along the Fox River is an...
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Currently brainstorming possible questions to ask a recruiter from Schreiber Foods?

I always think its important to ask questions that are business/work related, but also personal too. It helps build a closer relationship to people that you may eventually see again or work with in the future. A good business question I've always asked no matter where I've interviewed is"Is there...
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Should I expect a good work-life balance working as an administrative assistant at Schreiber Foods?

As an HR Administrative Assistant, you can definitely take pride in your work but 97% of the tasks you will have are tasks that the other administrative assistants or HR manager didn’t have time to do or it is something they didn’t want to do. So, often times the credit is not given to you for do...
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Can a HR administrative assistant at Schreiber Foods be expected to make more than $15/hour?

My pay started at $13.64 and I worked up to $20 an hour working in HR
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For an incoming Supply Chain intern at Schreiber Foods, is it reasonable to expect a good training program?

The training program for a Supply Chain Intern at Schreiber Foods really depends on what the position specifically entails, since there are many subgroups within the Supply Chain group. While I was at Schreiber, I worked on updating Schreiber’s databases and information to comply with Food Safety...
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Pros and cons of being a Supply Chains Intern at Schreiber Foods?

One of the things I liked most about being a Supply Chain Intern is that I learned more than I initially expected about the company. The Supply Chain team not only manages the movement of Schreiber’s products, but also communicates with suppliers, integrates new products and suppliers, and ensure...
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How should I craft my elevator pitch around Schreiber Foods?

When putting together your elevator pitch for recruiters, make sure to tailor the pitch to best suit the position you want. There are so many teams at Schreiber, each with its own specific goals, so showing how your experiences will allow you to be successful is extremely important. Schreiber rea...
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For Engineering Project Management Interns at Schreiber Foods, what is your day to day routine like?

A day in the life will ultimately be determined by what project is being worked on. But, these projects will always require an in depth Gantt chart, communication with the production personel and preparing documents such as: contracts, work orders, design changes, etc.
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Are there any former engineering interns from Schreiber Foods? If so, what did you do during your internship?

As an engineering intern at Schreiber’s home office in Green Bay, my day consisted of talking with plant managers and engineers on the phone/email, working on AutoCAD plant layouts, attending intern events with executives, and taking plant tours. I also got the opportunity to take AutoCAD trainin...
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What was it like working for GPP General Labor at Schreiber Foods?

GPP general labor at Schreiber foods is factory work you will spend your time on quality control, stacking pallets and cleaning you will not have tasks in which your own work is done but you will have to pay attention to details on final products
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