About Scribe-X

Scribe-X is the nation’s premier medical scribe services company. Our best-in-class scribe services, proven quick-start process, and telehealth integration support helps health centers eliminate provider burden, increase productivity, and drive fiscal health. Unlike AI or transcription services, the Scribe-X Experience™ pairs providers with a real person through remote or in-clinic support. These highly-trained scribes think critically while performing real-time documentation, so providers don’t waste time dictating and correcting the work of other outsourced services. Scribe-X accomplishes this through the industry’s #1 medical scribe training program that custom-trains each scribe on a health center’s specialties, workflows, and EMR documentation requirements.



April 2018 Des Moines, WA
“I appreciate how the company guarantees time off for medical school related activities without question. ”
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