Seaman Corporation

About Seaman Corporation

Seaman Corporation offers a collection of innovative high performance fabrics that set the standard for quality and durability. Composed of proprietary knitted or woven base cloths and coating formulas, Seaman Corporation fabrics have been performing around the globe since 1949.

Working exclusively with authorized fabricators, designers, consultants, engineers and installers, Seaman Corporation fabrics are used in high performance roof systems, geomembrane liners, truck tarps, architectural structures, for recreational products and much more. Excellent product performance is backed by Seaman Corporation's unique customer CARE program, which ensures the buyer satisfaction that's vital to continued success.


New Business Development Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 Wooster, OH
“I enjoyed my first experience in the business world, just getting to see how businesses function and work was great, before I had only gained learning and experience from class. I had a great time working with people, and doing research on my summer project. I also presented my research throughout my time there and gained great experience in both preparation of a presentation and the actual presenting in front of others as well.”
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