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What advice could you offer to someone who's going to interview for a paraeducator position within Seattle Public Schools?

Prepare differently if you are a first time Paraeducator or have experience.If it's your first time, speak to any other prior work with children and or any schooling you've had regarding learning difficulties and behavior management.If you are experienced, share some stories of building relations...
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For anybody who's worked as a paraeducator for Seattle Public Schools, what was your experience like?

I can only speak to my time at Asa Mercer Middle school as my other experience was in different districts. I was a paraeducator in joint class rooms. We had a teacher in each room and a para was paired with each. There were between 6-18 students in a room at a time and the number of teacher/para ...
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Can anybody tell me what it is like to be the head varsity girls basketball coach within the Seattle Public Schools system?

I have 2 practices a week for 1.75 hrs each and I work with the talents I have instead of making them conform to a perceived playbook. I work on the fundamentals and gradually build up my team to more advanced skills and workouts throughout the basketball season. But I remind them always that sch...
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