Second Chances Wildlife Center

About Second Chances Wildlife Center

Second Chances was founded in 2009 and is located on 23 acres just south of Louisville, in Mt Washington and serves the surrounding counties. The entire state of Kentucky and Southern Indiana utilizes Second Chances for specialized bat rehabilitation.

Our animals are cared for until they are ready to be released back into their natural environment. They may start off in an incubator being fed around the clock with lots of love and attention and graduate to a large pre release enclosure with minimal contact. All pre release enclosures are designed to simulate their individual habitat. These animals are taught survival skills they will need to be successful in the wild. The animals are released in protected areas with a food and water source. Prior to release, all animals are dewormed and fully vaccinated which promotes healthier populations in the wild. This also decreases the risk of pets and humans contratcing wildlife diseases.

Second Chances specializes in bats and skunks but accepts other mammal species. Bats are a very important species that is cared for at Second Chances. Bats are a keystone species to our environment and without them, our entire ecosystem would change…for the worse. The agricultural impact of bats is amazing. Bats save farmers billions of dollars each year! With the previlence of white nose syndrome, rehabilitators play a crucial role of this species’ survival and therefore, our ecosystem.


Wildlife rehabilitation intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Louisville, KY
“This is a great place to work and gain experience in the wildlife field. The schedule is flexible and the shifts are short. Interns are required to work more hours and learn faster than other volunteers.”
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