Secure Base Counseling Center

About Secure Base Counseling Center

Our mission is to cultivate growth, well-being and emotional health in individuals, families, and our surrounding community in a manner that will ripple out and change the world.

We have three locations - Northfield, New Prague and Farmington, MN!

Secure Base Counseling Center (SBCC) offers outpatient mental health services to individuals, couples and families. We offer a variety of services and programs that promote mental health and wellness in children, adolescents and adults.

At SBCC, we believe that mental health is supported by positive and nurturing relationships. The therapeutic relationships we cultivate with clients, starting with the first phone call and ending with termination of services, support growth, exploration, learning, and long-term mental health and wellness.

Whatever role you play at SBCC, you will be part of a team that supports these therapeutic relationships and creates the secure base from which we all can flourish


Mental health behavioral Aide

May 2019 - September 2019 Northfield, MN
“It was a very eventful and experience full job. Being able to learn and do certain trainings that prepared for your day to day job.”
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