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About SENS Psychology

SENS psychology is a modern psychotherapy practice and online community. We have built a successful practice model based on innovation and a holistic view of health and growth. Beyond gaining simple techniques, our clients are looking to live interesting and authentic lives. Because many of our clients have already had a certain level of success in life, many of the issues we treat require a honed approach and advanced skillset to tackle.

We know that it can be hard to find undergrad or postgrad opportunities in patient-centered mental healthcare. However, this very training exposure is a prerequisite for many graduate programs. Our offices in DC, Saint Louis, and New York allow for in-person opportunities. However, we also have had many successful remote interns as well. Elite interns also have the opportunity to transition to full or part-time longer-term positions. In addition, many interns return to the site throughout their clinical graduate training to gain advanced practicum hours.


Summer Intern

May 2022 - July 2022 Washington, DC
“I liked the description of the job on Handshake. ”
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