Service Systems Associates

About Service Systems Associates

Our Way of Doing Business

We believe in providing legendary service – good is not good enough. We have to exceed our guest’s expectations in every way. We pledge to make a continuous daily effort to perfecting our craft.

We believe in honesty and trust – respect and loyalty are earned, not given! And as with all successful relationships, establishing and maintaining these qualities are top priority.

We believe in mentorship and support – We don‘t just provide jobs; we provide a stepping stone for professional and personal growth. We recognize that an investment in our team members not only benefits us, but also the community which we serve.

We believe in team work - it divides the task and multiplies the success. Together we can achieve more!

We believe in being responsible to each other and to ourselves - to be what we are and to develop into what we are capable of becoming – we must all be accountable to each other and to the end result.

We believe in professionalism – While we encourage a relaxed atmosphere, our chief priority is our job.


Grill Cook

May 2019 Boise, ID
“I liked the team and the job was fun!”

Food Service Supervisor

April 2014 Battle Creek, MI
“Scheduling is very flexible. If you want to take a family vacation, work another job, etc., you are almost 100 percent guaranteed to get the time off (as long as you request it off about 2 weeks in advance). If you're a good worker, you are likely to get hours close to resembling a full-time job.”
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