About Shade

Shade has developed the first wearable technology to measure solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation with scientific accuracy and medical relevance. Shade connects to the smartphone, enabling a rich interaction with users and an unprecedented data collection about an environmental factor driving skin cancer, several diseases, and many pharmaceutical treatments.

Shade's first target market is the 1.5M lupus sufferers in the United States. Lupus is a severe disease for which UV exposure has an immediate, debilitating, and life-threatening impact. Shade has gained significant traction in the lupus community with endorsement by key opinion leaders and celebrities.

Shade will later expand to skin cancer survivors, skin cancer prevention, and mitigation of pharmaceutical phototoxicity.

Shade's management team has a strong expertise in scientific research, hardware, artificial intelligence, manufacturing, and epidemiology.


Electrical Engineering Intern

May 2017 - August 2017 New York City, NY
“Small environment and wonderful individual mentorship!”
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