Shiloh Community Development Corporation

About Shiloh Community Development Corporation

The mission of the Shiloh Community Development Corporation is to improve the quality of life of residents in Trenton and neighboring communities through training in the areas of spirituality, family life services, cultural arts, education, health education and financial literacy.


Servant Leader Intern

June 2019 - July 2019 Trenton, NJ
“I enjoyed the opportunity of having an expense paid trip to Tennesse, meeting a large group of students who had a passion and understanding as to why we were staying in the south for a whole week. I also enjoyed the six-week intensive reading program we held on campus with 50 children. From Kindergarten to the 5th Grade, each of our scholars resides in the local Trenton Community, I felt being able to have the students come to TCNJ was one of the best things I enjoyed, because it gives them the exposure which many children need. We as adults who have spent a year or two may have forgotten the anxiety stepping on a new campus. However, our scholars enjoyed every moment being here, they even enjoyed Eich...”
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